01. Two young boys discovered wall paintings that were thousands of years old in a [cave] in Southern France.
02. Last summer, we went on a [caving] expedition that took us over 350 yards underground.
03. The temperature inside the [cave] is the same all through the year.
04. The scientists found the bones of deer and other animals inside the [cave] where the bear had spent the winter.
05. We went [caving] last summer with some friends, and found the experience underground quite interesting.
06. The young boys found a [cave] in the hills that they used as their secret fort.
07. We slept in a [cave] in the forest because it was raining so hard that our little tent wasn't enough to keep us dry.
08. Marshall McLuhan once suggested that advertising is the [cave] art of the twentieth century.
09. Our children found a little [cave] in the woods behind our house, and they spend hours playing in it, pretending they are wild animals.
10. This [cave] is used by brown bears to hibernate in during the winter months.
11. The tunnel [caved] in, and the children were trapped under the snow for almost 5 minutes.
12. The boys found bones of different animals in the [cave] when they went exploring, and figured it had been used by a bear.
13. Beginning in about 386 A.D., a series of magnificent Buddhist [cave] temples were carved into the rock of a river bank south of the city of Luoyang, China.
14. The world's deepest known [cave], at a depth of 2080 meters, is located in Abkhazia, a small country which borders on Russia.
15. Scientific evidence shows that prehistoric Indians were living in [caves] in the area now known as Nevada more than 20,000 years ago.

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